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SunTrust Bank has banking locations. Their corporate headquarters address is listed as: 303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast in Atlanta Georgia.

This corporate page for SunTrust Bank includes ratings, links to all SunTrust Bank branch profiles locations, reviews, corporate details, directions, office hours, their phone number, and branch locations.

SunTrust Bank Headquarters
SunTrust Bank Corporate Headquarters Address:
SunTrust Bank
303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
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SunTrust Bank Headquarters Phone Number: (870) 772-0222

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SunTrust Bank Lobby Hours
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
SunTrust Bank Overview
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Bank's Headquarters:
303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Became FDIC Insured:
Corporate Structure
Number of Branches:
US Bank Branches:
Foreign Offices:
Bank Class:
Commercial bank, state charter and Fed member, supervised by the Federal Reserve (FRB).
Last Structure Change:
Bank Specialty/Focus:
Commercial Lending Specialization
Bank Holding Company:
Parent FDIC Cert#:
NA - Not listed as a child of a larger bank.
SAIF Insured:
State Chartered:
Financial Snapshot
Deposits Held Domestically:
Equity Capital:
Net Income:
FDIC Oversight
FDIC Region:
FDIC Supervisory Region:
Federal Reserve District:
FDIC Field Office:
Branch Locations for SunTrust Bank
SunTrust Bank Medium Logo
The following is a directory of all branch offices for SunTrust Bank. Below that are any complaints and ratings available as well as the ability to leave one yourself if you wish :)
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Greenspring Branch - Suntrust Bank
2825 Smith Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 30308
Boston Street Branch - Suntrust Bank
2400 Boston Street, Suite 110
Baltimore, Maryland 30308
Parkville Branch - Suntrust Bank
7699 Harford Road
Parkville, Maryland 30308
Carney Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
8858 Waltham Woods Road
Parkville, Maryland 30308
Perry Hall Branch - Suntrust Bank
8704 Belair Road
Baltimore, Maryland 30308
White Marsh Branch - Suntrust Bank
5260 Campbell Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 30308
Loch Raven Branch - Suntrust Bank
1608 E Joppa Rd
Baltimore, Maryland 30308
Annapolis Branch - Suntrust Bank
2122 Generals Hwy
Annapolis, Maryland 30308
Historic Annapolis Branch - Suntrust Bank
152 Main Street
Annapolis, Maryland 30308
Easton Branch - Suntrust Bank
30 North Harrison Street
Easton, Maryland 30308
Cambridge Branch - Suntrust Bank
403 Academy Street
Cambridge, Maryland 30308
Kent Towne Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
1925 Main St
Chester, Maryland 30308
Rosemont Branch - Suntrust Bank
1700 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 30308
Mount Airy Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
337 E Ridgeville Blvd
Mount Airy, Maryland 30308
Salisbury Branch - Suntrust Bank
306 Carroll Street
Salisbury, Maryland 30308
Ocean City Branch - Suntrust Bank
5702 Coastal Highway
Ocean City, Maryland 30308
Annandale Branch - Suntrust Bank
7617 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, Virginia 30308
Annandale East Branch - Suntrust Bank
4250 John Marr Drive
Annandale, Virginia 30308
Kings Park Branch - Suntrust Bank
5234 Rolling Rd
Burke, Virginia 30308
Old Keene Mills Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
9596 Old Keene Mill Road
Burke, Virginia 30308
Burke Center Safeway In Store Branch - Suntrust Bank
5727 Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia 30308
Montclair Branch - Suntrust Bank
4377 Kevin Walker Drive
Dumfries, Virginia 30308
Pan Am Center Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
3043 Nutley Street
Fairfax, Virginia 30308
Fairfax Towne Center Branch - Suntrust Bank
12200 Fairfax Towne Center
Fairfax, Virginia 30308
Crossroads Center Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
5821 Crossroads Center
Falls Church, Virginia 30308
Seven Corners Branch - Suntrust Bank
6300 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, Virginia 30308
Falls Church Branch - Suntrust Bank
603 West Broad Street
Falls Church, Virginia 30308
Belvoir Branch - Suntrust Bank
6075 Gorgas Road
Fort Belvoir, Virginia 30308
Great Falls Branch - Suntrust Bank
9912 Georgetown Pike
Great Falls, Virginia 30308
West Vienna Branch - Suntrust Bank
501 Maple Avenue West
Vienna, Virginia 30308
Tysons Branch - Suntrust Bank
8219 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, Virginia 30308
Woodbridge Branch - Suntrust Bank
1120 Horner Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 30308
Lake Ridge Branch - Suntrust Bank
12417 Dillingham Square
Woodbridge, Virginia 30308
Dale City Branch - Suntrust Bank
4150 Dale Boulevard
Dale City, Virginia 30308
Buckingham Branch - Suntrust Bank
249 North Glebe Road
Arlington, Virginia 30308
Arlington Courthouse Branch - Suntrust Bank
2121 15th St N
Arlington, Virginia 30308
Arlington Gateway Branch - Suntrust Bank
901 N Glebe Road
Arlington, Virginia 30308
South Arlington Branch - Suntrust Bank
3108 Columbia Pike
Arlington, Virginia 30308
Lee Old Dominion Branch - Suntrust Bank
4710 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 30308
Cherrydale Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
3713 Lee Hwy
Arlington, Virginia 30308
Landmark Branch - Suntrust Bank
5701-B Duke Street
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Seminary Plaza Branch - Suntrust Bank
4616 Kenmore Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Mount Vernon Square Safeway Branch - Suntrust Bank
7451 Mount Vernon Square
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Rose Hill Branch - Suntrust Bank
6050 Rose Hill Dr, Suite 101
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Mark Center Branch - Suntrust Bank
1460 Beauregard Street
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
King Street Station Branch - Suntrust Bank
1650 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Old Town Branch - Suntrust Bank
515 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Franconia Safeway In Store Branch - Suntrust Bank
5980 Kingstown Center
Alexandria, Virginia 30308
Chancellor Branch - Suntrust Bank
3557 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, Virginia 30308
Spotsylvania Court House Branch - Suntrust Bank
8970 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia 30308
Garrisonville Branch - Suntrust Bank
40 Prosperity Ln
Stafford, Virginia 30308
Meadowbrook Branch - Suntrust Bank
633 Meadowbrook Shopping Center
Culpeper, Virginia 30308
Valley Mall Branch - Suntrust Bank
1905 East Market Street
Harrisonburg, Virginia 30308
Port Road Branch - Suntrust Bank
1300 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, Virginia 30308
Bridgewater Retirement Community Bra - Suntrust Bank
210 Virginia Avenue
Bridgewater, Virginia 30308
Luray Branch - Suntrust Bank
20 East Luray Shopping Center
Luray, Virginia 30308
Albemarle Square Branch - Suntrust Bank
255 Albemarle Sq
Charlottesville, Virginia 30308
Park And High Street Branch - Suntrust Bank
402 Park St
Charlottesville, Virginia 30308
Doswell Branch - Suntrust Bank
16131 Washington Highway
Doswell, Virginia 30308
Hickory Park Branch - Suntrust Bank
11201 Nuckols Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 30308
Gloucester Point Branch - Suntrust Bank
1478 George Washington Hwy
Gloucester, Virginia 30308
Fox Mill Centre - Suntrust Bank
6723 Fox Centre Parkway
Gloucester, Virginia 30308
Hanover Courthouse Branch - Suntrust Bank
13221 Hanover Courthouse Road, Suite 302a
Hanover, Virginia 30308
Mechanicsville Branch - Suntrust Bank
8028 Mechanicsville Pike
Mechanicsville, Virginia 30308
East Hanover Kroger In Store Branch - Suntrust Bank
6335 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Mechanicsville, Virginia 30308
Brandermill Branch - Suntrust Bank
13001 Hull Street Road
Midlothian, Virginia 30308
Kingsmill Branch - Suntrust Bank
496 Mclaws Circle
Williamsburg, Virginia 30308
James York Plaza Branch - Suntrust Bank
707 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, Virginia 30308
Jamestown Road Branch - Suntrust Bank
1186 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, Virginia 30308
Merchant Square Branch - Suntrust Bank
202 N Henry St
Williamsburg, Virginia 30308
Monticello Marketplace Branch - Suntrust Bank
4601 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg, Virginia 30308
Fifth And Grace Branch - Suntrust Bank
424 East Grace Street
Richmond, Virginia 30308
Church Hill Branch - Suntrust Bank
2500 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 30308
Laburnom Branch - Suntrust Bank
14 N Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 30308
Azalea Avenue Branch - Suntrust Bank
1101 Azalea Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 30308
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SunTrust Bank Reviews and Ratings

Average Customer Rating

3 out of 5 stars from 79 reviews.

867-SunTrust Bank


[-] means a part of a review was redacted. Names, profanity, phone numbers, account numbers, and email addresses being the main reasons. False positives happen as well, better to ere on the side of safety we think.

SunTrust Bank Name Changes
The following are other names SunTrust Bank has been known by over the years:

In 1971 their name became: Trust Company of Georgia.

In 1974 their name became: Trust Company Bank.

In 1996 their name became: SunTrust Bank, Atlanta.

In 2000 their name became: SunTrust Bank.

SunTrust Bank Headquarters' Locations
The following addresses are where SunTrust Bank has had their headquarters:

Moved From: PRYOR STREET AND EDGEWOOD AVENUE to 1 Park Place, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30303.

Moved From: PRYOR STREET AND EDGEWOOD AVENUE to 1 Park Place, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30303.

Moved From: 1 PARK PLACE, N.E. to 303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308.

SunTrust Bank Mergers and Acquisitions
The following shows transitions that are what have ultimately result in SunTrust Bank becoming what it is today, for better or worse.

Trust Company of Georgia Bank of Sandy Springs (1973)
Trust Company of Georgia Bank of de Kalb (1973)
Peachtree Bank and Trust Company (1984)
Bank of Woodstock (1984)
Trust Company Bank of Douglas County (1990)
Trust Company Bank of Gwinnett County (1991)
Trust Company Bank of Henry County, National Association (1991)
Trust Company Bank of Clayton County (1991)
Trust Company Bank of Rockdale (1991)
Trust Company Bank of Carroll County (1991)
Trust Company Bank of Cobb County, N.A. (1991)
SunTrust Bank, South Central Tennessee, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Southeast Georgia, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, East Central Florida (2000)
SunTrust Bank, South Florida, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Northwest, Florida (2000)
Suntrust Bank, Miami, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Mid-Florida, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, West Georgia, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Nature Coast (2000)
SunTrust Bank, East Tennessee, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Southwest Florida (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Savannah, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, North Central Florida (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Alabama, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Gulf Coast (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Chattanooga, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Northwest Georgia, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Central Florida, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Northeast Georgia, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, North Florida, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Middle Georgia, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Nashville, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, Augusta, National Association (2000)
SunTrust Bank, South Georgia, National Association (2000)
STI Capital Management, National Association (2000)
Crestar Bank (2000)
Lighthouse Community Bank (2003)
NBC Bank, FSB (2005)
National Bank of Commerce (2005)
SunTrust BankCard, National Association (2005)
Gainesville Bank & Trust (2008)
Community Trust Bank (2008)
First National Bank of the South (2008)
United Bank & Trust Company (2008)
Home Town Bank of Villa Rica (2008)
First National Bank of Gwinnett (2008)
Mountain State Bank (2008)